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Robert A. Luciano, P.E.



Mr. Luciano's career in industry began in 1951. His work experience includes mechanical design, special machinery, packaging, and product engineering. He has successfully organized and managed engineering and operating departments in industry. A holder of the B.S.M.E. and the M.S. degree from N.J. Institute of Technology, he is a Professional Engineer and a Certified Professional in Packaging (CPP). He holds numerous patents for machinery and product designs. His writings frequently appear in the packaging media. He, personally, has been responsible for the development of many high speed, automated packaging and assembly facilities. For many of these, he was responsible for package and product development as well as the operations developments. Professionally active in the field, he is a Professional Member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and has served as a Senior Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and a Senior Member of the Robotics Institute. Recognized nationally, as well as internationally, he is listed in Who's Who in Finance & Industry and Who's Who in the World . He recently has been elected as a member of the PEF Packaging Hall of Fame.

With other top professionals in the field, Mr. Luciano has formed an association of engineering consultants to serve industry's needs in Packaging and Packaging Operations. The principle objective of this service is to develop the complete requirements of a product from the conceptual stage through to the final startup of the production lines. Professional expertise is available in all areas; product and package development, standard and special machinery engineering, industrial engineering, and maintenance and operating programs. Projects of all sizes and in any, or all, of these areas are welcomed. Any project, regardless of size, is evaluated with regard to the total production spectrum in order to obtain the most efficient overall system, i.e., finished package designs, functional requirements, sales volume, production line requirements, etc.

The services offered by Robert A. Luciano Associates in this regard are unique in the packaging field. All work is performed by professionals who have obtained experience in their particular specialties by actually performing the same job in industry. In this manner, their approach to problem solving truly reflects the needs of today's industrial management and gives them the insight to be true representatives of their clients' best interests.

In much the same manner as an architect acts as your agent and fulfills your needs for building and expansion programs, Robert A. Luciano Associates can serve you in all of your packaging or packaging operation needs.

Your personal phone call, letter or email is all that is needed to obtain more information.


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