Airco, Inc.
Alcon Surgical
Alford Packaging
Allied Signal
Almay, Inc
American Cyanamid Corp.
American National Can Co.
Ashland Oil, Inc.
Automated Control Concepts, Inc.
J.T. Baker Chemical Co.
Baxter Health Care
Becton-Dickinson: Bio-Quest
Ben & Jerry's
Benckiser Consumer Products
Berlex Laboratories
Best Foods Company
Bethesda Research Laboratries
Biotechnology Y Nutrition, Mexico
Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Convatec
Burroughs Wellcome Co.
C.P.C International, Inc.
Cahners Publication
Carter - Wallace
Catalytic, Inc.
Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd.
Chevron Oil Company
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
CIBA-Geigy Corporation
CIBA-Vision Corporation
Colgate Palmolive Company
Color Prelude
Concept, Inc.
Consolidated Molded Products
Contemporary Packaging Corp.
Cordis Corporation
Corning Glass Works
Courtaulds Performance Films
Cosmair, Inc.
Cryovac, Division of W.R. Grace
Dentsply International
Dial Corporation
Dimensional Merchandising, Inc.
Dow Brands
Drug Screening Systems, Inc.
Easton Chemical, Puerto Rico
Eli Lilly & Company
Emzo, Argentina
Estee Lauder
Fisher Scientific
General Conveyor Co., Ltd.
General Electric Company
Germaine Monteil
Graham Companies
Grand Prix Corp.
Hartz Mountain, Inc.
Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc.
Honeywell, Inc.
Huck & Studer
Innovative Folding Carton
Institute of Packaging Professionals
International Game Technologies
International Hydron
International Playtex, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Ethicon
Johnson & Johnson: Ethicon International
Johnson & Johnson: Products Division
Johnson & Johnson: Dental Division
Johnson & Johnson: Skillman
Johnson & Johnson: Jelco Labs
Johnson & Johnson: Merck
Johnson & Johnson: Ortho Diagnostics
Johnson & Johnson: Ortho Pharmaceuticals
Johnson & Johnson: Personal Products
Johnson & Johnson: Pitman-Moore
Johnson & Johnson: Vistakon, Inc.
Kayson's International Company: Lederle
Kayson's International Company: McKesson
Kayson's International Company: Richardson-Vicks
Kayson's International Company: Tolid-Daru
Kayson's International Company: Tolypers
Keebler Company
Kraft General Foods
Kremers-Urban Company
L.A. Dreyfus
Lakewood Pre-Cast Co., Inc.
Lederle Laboratories
Lehn & Fink
Life Technologies, Inc.
Lineberger, Kidd, Kamm & Co.
Lowe Paper company
Lucent Technologies, Inc.
Lynch Corporation
MK Laboratories
Mannington Mills
Marley Mouldings, Inc.
McKesson International Corp.
Medcare Disposable Products
Melville Biologics
Mennen Company
Merck & Company
Miles, Inc.
Modern Packaging Magazine
Muro Pharmaceuticals
Nabisco Brands, Inc.
New York University
Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.
Ocular Sciences
OFA Pharmaceutical, Columbia
Olin/High Pure
Oral-B Laboratories, Inc.
Organogenesis Inc.
Ortho Diagoostics
Owens Illinois, Inc.
Phillips Consumer Products
Pioneer Flour Mills
Power Wheels, Inc.
Proctor & Gamble, Canada
PyMaH Corp.
Quaker Oats Company
Rhone Poulenc Agricultural
Roche Vitamins & Fine Chemicals
Rutgers University
R.P. Scherer-North America
R.L. Schreiber, Inc.
Samson Cordage Company
Schering-Plough Corp.
Scientific Industries
Scott Fetzer Corp.
Scott Paper Company
Senco Products, Inc.
Serono Laboratories, Inc.
Smith & Nephew Richards, Inc.
Standard Brands, Inc.
Stark & Stark
Sybron Castle Company
Technicon, Inc.
The Texwipe Co.
Thiokol, Georgia
Thomas Industries
Trans Flex Packagers, Inc.
Transo Plastic Ind., Canada
Unilever: Thomas J. Lianten Co.
Union Carbide Corp.
United States Can Co.
V.I. Technologies, Inc.
Wabash Data Tech, Inc.
Warner-Lambert Co.
Warner-Lambert P.P.
Welsh & Katz
Whitehall Laboratories
White Castle Distributing, Inc.
Winarick, Puerto Rico, Inc.
Zenith Laboratories 
Zotos International